My Fibro Life

My life has been good so far. I've had interesting and challenging jobs. I've had periods of utter turmoil - to the extent I found myself sleeping rough on the streets of London for a short time. I've had great joy - specifically my marriage to a teen hood sweetheart and the birth of our daughter in 2003, and great misery- my abandonment by my mother, the death of both grandparents who cared for me in my mother's place, the loss of a much loved step-father, to name but a few of life's miseries.

Everyone has ups and downs throughout a life - some have more ups than downs, some have more downs than ups, some have an equal balance.

I have my fair share of both, but through everything I approach life with an open mind and an open heart - whatever will be will be - I can only try my best.


And I have fibromyalgia.


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